Retail Group Interview Questions

  1. What are the reasons which convinced you to join our retail group?
  2. Which are the major retail groups that you know?
  3. Name a store for each such retail group.
  4. Tell us about your previous experience(s) with such retail group.
  5. What are the chief features of such retail outlet that are known to have its own unique method of retailing?
  6. Can you tell us 5 reasons why the recent past has seen the mushrooming of such retail groups?
  7. What factors do you consider while joining any such retail group?
  8. Share with us one wonderful experiences that you had experienced in a store owned by a retail group.
  9. What according to you seems to be very tempting about such a retail job?
  10. Give us an example where someone that you know was benefited from a retail group.
  11. What are your salary expectations from this job profile?

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