Retail Interview Questions to Ask

  1. How long have this position been vacant? What is the reason behind this vacant position?
  2. Elaborate me the day to day duties of this job? Who is the concerned senior most person for this department?
  3. Tell me about the company’s working environment? What kind of hierarchy system is being followed in your association?
  4. Explain the skills and qualities required for eligibility to this vacant designation? Is there any specific qualification requisite?
  5. How many years of experience is necessary to face interview session?
  6. Is it team work or an individual job?
  7. Can you tell me the date and time for the interview session?
  8. What kind of job responsibilities are there? Is it a target job?
  9. How much salary has been offered for this post? Are the perks and bonuses included into the salary?
  10. What are the official working timings?
  11. Are there any specific rules and regulations which an employee needs to follow after joining?

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