Retail Interview Questions

Retail interviews can include questions on various topics ranging from your personality traits, to qualification and training to retail industry practices etc.  The retail industry is a people’s industry.  It begins with knowing what your product is, identifying potential customers and selling it.

The questions are generally designed to test how well you interact, communicate and identify with people.  While preparing yourself for these questions, it is important to focus on the particular company you are applying to.  Learn in detail about their products, their customer base, their targets and goals.  All these details can help you to handle the questions better.

Be prepared to answer questions on customer service and customer satisfaction, as these come foremost in any successful retailing process.  Also, there may be questions related to your qualifications, prior experience and any particular strengths or strong points you can bring to the company.  Interviewers also would like to test your teamwork abilities, as this is quite an imperative in this industry.

While responding to the questions, make sure you give sincere and honest answers.  It is a good idea to quote relevant examples from the past experiences to substantiate your answers.

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