Retail Sales Interview Questions

  1. What do you know about retail profession? Define the definition of retail sale in your words?
  2. How much experience you have got in this field? What are your qualifications in retail sector?
  3. Describe your philosophy of selling? Can you sale this book to me?
  4. Why did you resign from your previous organization? Was there any issue regarding your targets and skills?
  5. If you are assigned with a team of ten fresher to train them, how will you deal with them during training?
  6. What is the method to maintain all records regarding targets, stocks and daily sales report?
  7. What if you fail to achieve the issued targets and your outcome graph is slowing down, then what will be your techniques to justify yourself in front of management?
  8. Do you think you are fully aware of about the concept and this job fits in your candidature in every aspect?
  9. Which quality of yours has made you join this field?
  10. How would you deal with numerous customers at the same time?

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