Retail Store Manager Interview Questions

  1. What are your salary expectations from this job?
  2. What according to you are the chief features of a retail store manager which is totally unique?
  3. Can you throw some light on this uniqueness citing an instance where you had a firsthand experience with it?
  4. Suppose a prospective customer has become arrogant in his way of talking. As a retail store manager, how will you deal with it?
  5. You have notices a junior staff in the retail store has started to turn up late for work. What will you do?
  6. Tell us the 2 vital responsibilities that a retail store manager has to take that are expected of him?
  7. Why did you select the career of a retail store manager?
  8. Cite an instance where you resolved a major issue in the store during your previous stint.
  9. What are the 2 things that you should not do with a customer in the store?

10.   Do you mind telling something more about your resume?

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