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Sales interview questions are generally designed to test your sales and marketing skills.  Though the questions may vary from job to job, the general questions remain the same kind.  While preparing for these questions, it is important to know that the organizations generally test the core skills and abilities required for a particular job.

It is important to remember that, answering these questions well, is one way of proving your selling skills.  In an interview scenario, you have to present yourself as the most suitable candidate for the job.  This is one of the first steps towards your selling career.  Presenting yourself in the best possible manner can create a great first impression and help you to impress the prospective employers.

Generally sales interview questions gauge your sales and marketing knowledge.  This can depend on the level of competency required or the seniority of the position you are applying for.  For instance, you may be asked questions related to sales strategy, techniques, principles or sales tactics.

Be prepared to tackle questions which test your inter-personal skills, ability to adapt to new situations, your persuasive skills, motivation levels, etc.  It is best to give unbiased analysis of your strengths and weakness, but make sure to highlight your strengths.

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