Sample Accounting Interview Questions

  1. Discuss about your resume and background?
  2. Tell something about your work exposure to renowned associations?
  3. How do you rate your computer skills and experiences?
  4. Describe any two advantages and disadvantages of accounting packages and systems you have used till date in your accounting candidature?
  5. How do you keep up to date records of payroll system? What is the method to generate a bill on computer excel format?
  6. What hierarchy system do you follow to track the information of sales and marketing department regarding potential customers?
  7. How do you audit last six months invoices generated online? Do you think you can make the possible changes in DBMS from your terminal?
  8. Explain the different accounting processes you have revised and mention if you have suggested any new technical method to keep records easy in your last organization?
  9. With how many accounts applications and soft wares you are familiar with?
  10. What are your salary expectations? When are you available to join us?

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