Sample Job Interview Questions

Question: Mr. ABC, please tell me about yourself.

As a candidate for an interview, you prepare to answer questions on several topics. But, when it comes to speaking about yourself, you are rather uncomfortable. Obviously, it is not that you do not know about yourself. What to tell, what to with-hold – that is the issue here.

Answer: I am a management graduate from a good institution. My major specialization is Marketing and minor, Finance. Prior to that, I graduated in Commerce with Statistics and Computer Studies as ancillaries. I am cool, confident and have a positive attitude. Personally, I like to travel and I read English Fiction.”

Question: What are your greatest strengths?

Answer: Professionally, I have a good knowledge in my chosen subjects. So, I am competent. Personally, I am a committed person. I believe that these two make a solid combination in a career.

Question: What are your greatest weaknesses?

Answer: Fortunately, I do not have too many of them. But, when my efforts are not appreciated, I get discouraged.

Question: What do you know about our company – XYZ Ltd.?

Answer: XYZ Ltd., is well noted for its success in the FMCG Sector. It started as a tiny enterprise by its founder, with just one product – XYZ Soap. Over the years, it has built a portfolio of consumer products and emerged as a market leader in our country. It is now on the verge of entering the foreign markets.

Question: Do you know anything about the mode of our entry into the foreign consumer markets?

Answer: Yes. In most countries, you are entering directly. But, in Sri Lanka and Nepal, you are taking the joint venture route.

Question: So, you do not know any negative aspects about XYZ?

Answer: Well, I do like many others.

Question: Tell us what you know.

Answer: Some four or five years ago, XYZ attempted to foray into the Consumer Durable Market. That was a failure.

Question: Why do you think we failed?

Answer: A lot was written about it in the Press. Personally, I felt that XYZ was in a hurry. A Proper survey and assessment of the market was not undertaken.

Question: I like your knowledge of the situation. It may surprise you that we are attempting a fresh entry into the Durables Segment. But, this time, we are undertaking a comprehensive survey. You are being interviewed to work on the assessment of the survey data.

Answer: I am really thrilled. I know I can contribute here.

Question: You have already displayed a fair amount of knowledge of our company. Tell me, how do you consider yourself suitable for a position on the team from an academic point of view?

Answer: Skills in both of my Management domains are necessary for this Survey project. Unlike several MBA’s who come from other streams of graduation, I am a Commerce graduate. Moreover, I am good at Statistics which is the best tool for assessing the results of any survey.

Question: And, as you studied Computers, you will be able to use them without running for help every ten minutes.

Answer: Yes, sir.

Question: Thank You. I think you have done well today.

Answer: Thank you very much for your time.

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