Sample Medical School Interview Questions

  1. What is the motivation behind your obsession to be a doctor? What your parents do?
  2. What are your pass time hobbies? How do you manage study and relaxation together?
  3. Name the five medicines along with their formula?
  4. Why do you want to join this school and reason behind leaving previous school? How would you manage in middle of term?
  5. What if you do not get admission in this school? Which other school you have applied to?
  6. Describe: Euthanasia and physiology? Why should we pass you in this interview as you have come late?
  7. So many people want to be doctor? What is the difference between doctor and good doctor?
  8. Discuss your excellence? How would you manage with difficult subjects? Would you like to go for extra class?
  9. How will you handle the situation if someone had met with an accident and seeking first aid? As a doctor, would you stop and take him to hospital and just leave him as it’s and call his family first?
  10. What qualities you think you have to be a good doctor?

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