Sample Mock Interview Questions

  1. Give us 5 reasons why you think interviews are the best way to analyze the potentials in a person.
  2. Your academic records say you have been performing well for your master’s course. Why did you leave it midway?
  3. We have done the screening of many candidates. Why do you think we should select you among them?
  4. Describe in a nutshell your experience during your stay at the university hostel premises.
  5. Why did you choose to work for us when you already were drawing a nice salary from your previous employer?
  6. Suppose one of the faculties teaching you has taken a strict disciplinary action against you. How would you deal with it?
  7. What was the best experience you came across while dealing with a job consultant?
  8. You have written your hobby as reading books. May we know are you an avid reader of fiction or non-fiction?
  9. What are your likes and dislikes?
  10. What made you decide to appear for this interview?

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