Sample Nursing Interview Questions

  1. Why don’t you take us through your resume?
  2. Has it ever happened with you where any of your past patient has called you to say thank you for your wonderful care as a nurse?
  3. What are your salary and incentives expectations from this job?
  4. Please tell one instance where you had a harrowing experience while at the operation theatre.
  5. A true nurse must have a good humanitarian side to her nature. What is your comment on this?
  6. Explain briefly why you don’t get bored inside the hospital complex staying all day through.
  7. Which are the requisite qualifications and knowledge that is supposed to be present in every good nurse?
  8. Briefly speak of your experience in Get Well Medicos Diagnostics, a nursing home in Kudson Valley, New York
  9. What do you have to say if the job requires you to work in night shifts?
  10. Cite an example where you had a bitter experience while dealing with a patient.

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