Sample Phone Interview Questions

  1. Share something about your background?
  2. From where did you hear about this vacant position?
  3. In which company are you working currently?
  4. What is your salary package? How long have you been associated with this company?
  5. Why do you want to leave this job? Do you have any issues regarding work?
  6. Have you ever faced any problem with management and employees?
  7. Do you know something about our organization profile? Are you aware about the profile of the vacant job?
  8. What is your dream job? Where would you like to see yourself after five years?
  9. As you are aware, this is an interstate job for you. What does your family thinks about it? Can you assure us your continuous services?
  10. Do you think you can handle the work load as it’s a target based job?
  11. Do you have any experience of working in a team?
  12. What is your salary expectation? Do you mind to sign the bond for five years?

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