Sample Sales Job Interview Questions

  1. Will you tell more about your resume please?
  2. Your academic credentials say you were an excellent student of law. Why did you choose sales instead?
  3. It is said “A true salesman is someone who can sale a refrigerator to an Eskimo”. What is your take on this?
  4. Do you like target based incentive salary or a fixed monthly salary?
  5. What lures you the most in a sales job?
  6. What is the procedure you would normally follow while reporting to your superiors involved in the sales department of the entity?
  7. Are you ready to travel long distances more frequently?
  8. Do you have any reservations whatsoever regarding the deadline fixed for your targets?
  9. What according to you makes a perfect salesman?
  10. Do you believe a good smile can fetch you an otherwise reluctant customer?
  11. Cite an instance where it was difficult for you to meet the deadline.

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