Sample Situational Interview Questions

Sample situational interview questions are those questions which are asked in an interview process and are based upon certain imaginary situations or circumstances. Respondents or interviewees are required to frame an answer based on the situation given and generally the answer must be quick. Situational interview questions are supposed to be different from normal interview questions in the sense that they are not based upon a person’s skills and qualifications but more on the presence of mind and experience. Given below are a few sample situational interview questions for your reference sake.

Sample Situational Interview Questions:

  • You are given a deadline in which you have to complete a project and also lead a team at the same time. In such a pressure situation, how would you handle the stress and motivate your team?
  • Give an example of a time where you had very little time to prepare a speech based on an experience and you were struck in a panic situation?
  • Suppose it is your last day at work before a holiday season and you have a lot of work to complete. What would you do, leave the work for the time after the holiday season or work for late hours and complete the work?
  • Describe the most enriching experience in terms of work related project that you have had till date?
  • Give an example of a time when you had to make a choice between an important family function and work and you chose work.
  • How would you respond at a time when one of your juniors needed work related help and you were stuck with a pending task?

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