School Job Interview Questions

  1. Can you please take us through your resume?
  2. Why did you elect for a teaching job when you could have opted for a job in information technology?
  3. What do you like the most about a school teaching job?
  4. What according to you is the most intriguing aspect in this type of job?
  5. Can you share with us a nostalgic moment from your previous school job?
  6. Why did you choose to do this job?
  7. Your academic credentials say you were an excellent cricketer. Why didn’t you pursue a career in sports instead?
  8. Cite an instance where you found difficulty in adhering to school timings?
  9. Do you believe in greater parent participation with their ward?
  10. Cite an instance where one of your ex-students has surprised you with a treat?
  11. Teaching profession doesn’t fetch enough money. Do you agree to it?
  12. What salary package do you expect from this job?

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