School Pageant Interview Questions

The school pageant interview questions are those questions that asked to the students who are taking part in some pageant contests that is being organized in a school. There can be various types of these pageants like scholarship pageant, beauty pageant and others which are conducted in schools. The school pageant interview questions helps to judge the overall knowledge as well as the mindset of the students.

Sample School pageant interview questions

  • Which is your favorite subject in school? Why is it your favorite subject?
  • Do you like reading books?  If yes, what kind of books do you usually like reading?
  • What do you plan to do after becoming a teenager?
  • What are your expectations after becoming a teenager?
  • Do you have any hobby or a habit of special collection of things?
  • What do you plan to do after you finish schooling?
  • What subject do you want to pursue after you finish your schooling?
  • What do you have to say about parents pressurizing their children in choosing a certain subject?
  • Do you think that your parents are very strict?
  • Do you watch television programs? How many hours of television programs do you think a school student watch on an average in a week?
  • What are the qualities do you think you possess that will make you successful in life?
  • What is that quality in you that you feel that every person should possess?
  • What is your ambition in life? How do you plan to achieve it?
  • If one day God appears and grants you three wishes, what wishes would you ask for?

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