SCJP Certification Interview Questions

SCJP Certification is a certification which gives one an entry level Java recognition and is a prerequisite to a various other Java certifications and courses. SCJP Certification Interview Questions are the questions which are asked from a candidate who is pursuing a certification course on SCJP and is on the last step to get the certification by sitting for an interview which will test his skills as far as SCJP is concerned. These questions are directly related to the topic and are of medium difficulty level.

Sample SCJP Certification Interview Questions:

  • Please tell us something about yourself.
  • How beneficial did you find this course?
  • Are you interested in taking any other Java certification courses?
  • How will this course help you in the long run?
  • What are your goals as far as your career is concerned?
  • What are your strong and weak points in SCJP?
  • How do you plan to overcome you weak points?
  • Is vagrant a Java modifier?
  • Why does one need to define a method as a native method?
  • Which modifier must be applied to a method for the lock of the object ‘this’ to be obtained before to obtain the method body?
  • Which variable must not be used in the hashcode method?

Is it private, transient, final or public?

  • A signed data type has equal number of positive and negative values? Is this true or false?
  • Which is your dream company where you would like to work?
  • Before wrapping up, would you like to say something?

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