Seaman interview questions

Seaman interview questions are specially programmed by the experts in order to interview the contenders, who are seeking to acquire the job position of a seaman. By inspecting the overall work experience, educational skills and professional expertise, the HR department can hire the deserving candidate.

Sample Seaman Interview questions:

  • Tell us something about you experience. Why have you left your previous job?
  • Discuss the job responsibilities of a seaman in brief.
  • How do you rate your communication and coordination skills?
  • Are you aware about the sea rules and regulations to work on a ship?
  • Do you have experience of sewing, mending and repairing canvas? Can you carpenter some broken thing required for an immediate task?
  • Are you comfortable in working with alternate schedules? Do you think you have the stamina to work in the night shifts?
  • What is the value of sanitation standards on the ship? Discuss the various cleanness standards should be followed while sailing the sea.
  • How many types of deck machinery are available? Mention any three usage of each.
  • What do you understand from” during watch schedule”?
  • Explain the various deck utility jobs of a seaman. How do you clear the passage and keep the heads in tiptop condition?
  • How would you overhaul and install the standing or rigging on the ship?
  • What do you understand from a lifeboat? What are its utilizations?
  • Can you read the sea drafts and compass directions? Do you think you can assist the concerned officer by investing your best?
  • What are your salary expectations?

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