Second Interview Questions for Managers

Second interview questions for managers are those questions which are put forth in an interview for those candidates who are sitting for their second interview for the post of a manager. A second interview is often held for those persons who are selected on the basis of a first interview. The questions asked in a second interview for managers are related to skills, qualifications and personality traits of the person who wishes to become a manager for a particular field or post. Given below are a few sample questions:

Sample Second Interview Questions for Managers:

  • Why did you apply for the post of a manager in our company?
  • Are you aware of the various duties and responsibilities associated with this job position?
  • Please tell us about your previous experiences as a manager, if any.
  • Do you think you are qualified and experienced enough to shoulder the responsibilities which come tagged with the post of a manager?
  • Kindly tell us about your personality traits and describe how you can use these traits in the favour of our organisation?
  • What has been your greatest achievement till date?
  • What has been your low point in life as an employee of any company?
  • Do you have some specific salary considerations in mind?
  • Please talk us through one of your negative traits or qualities.
  • Please give us three reasons as to why we should pick you over all the other deserving candidates with a better work experience?

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