Second Interview Questions to Ask Candidates

  1. When can you produce before us the character and integrity certificate from your previous employer?
  2. Will you be in a position to join our company within 15 working days from today?
  3. By which date do you plan to inform your previous employer if you are selected today?
  4. Can you tell us few points that were part of your employment contract with your present company?
  5. In the first round of interview, you had mentioned having a nightmare adhering with the documentation of your previous employer. Can you tell us more about it?
  6. What are the reasons because of which you have a strong feeling that you will be selected for this job?
  7. We are not going to reimburse medical expenses that you may incur. Is it ok with you?
  8. What percentage of the sales do you prefer as your incentive?
  9. Do you want a travelling allowance as well?
  10. If you have any other query, feel free to ask?

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