Second Interview Questions to Ask Employer

  1. In the first round I was told that I would be given a detail about my salary component. Can you provide me those details please?
  2. Is there a separate parking arrangement in the office premises for the employees?
  3. Can I meet the other employees of my department with whom I have to deal each day?
  4. Can I see the draft copy of the employment agreement that one needs to sign?
  5. I had told you in my previous meeting at the interview that I don’t have any reservations about making frequent travel. Can you please give me an idea of the frequency?
  6. May I know whom should I report to for letting my grievances heard?
  7. What will be my initial job duties?
  8. When will the salary get credited in my account- 1st day of the month or in the 1st week of the month?
  9. What is the official dress code for this company?
  10. May I know how many branches do you have?

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