Second Interview Questions to Ask Interviewer

  1. Can you please tell me how many products you deal in?
  2. Where can I get to know about your line of business?
  3. From when am I supposed to join?
  4. What would be my job responsibilities?
  5. Who will make me familiar with the office work procedure?
  6. Will I be paid by cheque or cash?
  7. Whom do I approach if I have not received my salary on time?
  8. Will I be paid for overtime?
  9. What will be my official work timings?
  10. Can you give a brief idea about my job profile?
  11. Does my salary include or exclude travelling allowance?
  12. Am I to work under a team leader or on my own?
  13. I had encountered a terrible experience while I had applied for leave in my previous experience. So can you outline the procedure that is followed in this company to apply for leave?
  14. How many paid leaves I am entitled to in a year?

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