Second Job Interview Questions

  1. Let me know a little about yourself?
  2. Why have you left your previous company when you were working on a responsible post and enjoying good growth? Explain the reasons and issues behind your resignation?
  3. Why are you interested to work with us when we are offering less salary and an assistant’s job?
  4. What are your academic qualifications?
  5. How a manager or team leader should pose in front of management and team? Explain the method to divide targets between subordinates?
  6. Tell us something about your time management skills? Why these skills are important for every individual?
  7. What do you know about hierarchy system? Which kind of hierarchy system is followed in our organization?
  8. How do you observe the working of your subordinates and employees? What is your technique to train a newly joined team member?
  9. Are you satisfied with offered salary and office timings?
  10. Do you mind to join us as soon as possible?

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