Second Phone Interview Questions

  1. You sounded great over the telephone the other day. Why do you sound a bit dull today?
  2. Latest by when can you join our company?
  3. Do you have any reservations about going to our factory shed today to have a firsthand experience of the place?
  4. You will be given dearness allowance and travelling allowances only. Do you have to say anything about this?
  5. We understand you can’t leave your present employer in the middle of such a big project that you were handling. What will you do if you are selected for this job?
  6. What technical know how do you have on the technical aspect that is involved with this job profile?
  7. Do you have anything to ask about the employment contract?
  8. When can you produce before us your last salary slip?
  9. How do you plan to commute between your work place and your residence?
  10. Do you have any further questions?

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