Secretarial Job Interview Questions

  1. Can you please take us through your resume?
  2. What formal training have you taken for a secretarial job?
  3. It is said a good secretary must have a good memory power and a pleasing personality. What is your comment on it?
  4. What is the procedure generally adapted for a secretarial job?
  5. What documentation process is normally resorted for in this type of a job?
  6. Which software is best suited for a secretarial job?
  7. Suppose one of your superiors have misbehaved with you. How will you report this to the higher authorities?
  8. Normally how do you keep notes of the schedules meant for the higher level management staffs?
  9. Cite us an instance when your presence of mind helped you in your previous secretarial job?
  10. Suppose one of the very good clients of your employer has started harassing you over the official telephone number. How will you deal with it?

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