Share Market Interview Questions

A share market interview questions are the questions asked to an individual applying for a job in the share market. The position usually applied for in the share market is that of a share trader. The questions asked in this interview should be related to share market and the knowledge of the individual in the field of share trading.

Sample Share Market Interview Questions

  • Do you have any work experience in the field of share market?
  • Do you have any training or educational experience in the field of share market?
  • Do you have any personal experience of buying and selling shares?
  • What are the various stock exchanges in this country where the share of all the companies are listed?
  • What are the various categories under which the shares of different companies are listed?
  • On what basis are the companies listed as per the above mentioned categories?
  • Do you know, what is a blue chip company?
  • If you see that the share prices are falling below the purchase price, would you sell them or wait till the prices rise and exceed the purchase price?
  • It is necessary for a share trader to take quick decisions. How good and effective do you feel are your decision making skills?
  • If you invest in a new company with no history of being listed in the stock exchange and the customer becomes hyper when he gets to know that, how would you try to calm him down and convince him that you have taken the right decision?

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