Sharepoint 2010 Certification Interview Questions

The main goal of the Sharepoint 2010 Certification program is to make understanding of sharepoint easier. This certification program helps in sharepoint collaboration, complete documentation procedures and also successful deployment of sharepoint. This interview seeks to identify the knowledge levels of the trainee that has completed a Sharepoint 2010 Certification Program with the deemed Institute and is getting prepared to face the real world employers that desire good Sharepoint skills in the prospective employee.

Sample Sharepoint 2010 Certification Interview Questions

  • Give us the reasons as to why you took up this course?
  • Is there any goal in your mind for the pursuance of this course?
  • Are you satisfied with the inputs in the course?
  • Has the course helped you in getting the value addition you needed?
  • What is your opinion about the syllabus that has been covered in the course?
  • What are the various kinds of workflows that you know to design in Sharepoint 2010?
  • Can you give two methods that can be used to do backup in SharePoint 2010?
  • What are the latest tools that are compatible with SharePoint 2010?
  • How much practical knowledge have you acquired with the Sharepoint server training that has been conducted by our Institute?
  • How will you manage the Sharepoint Internal Database Structure? Explain with examples?
  • Have you been exposed to Sharepoint project management module during your training program?
  • Any suggestions for inclusion or exclusion in the Sharepoint Certification Program you have undertake with our Institute?
  • How do you rate the knowledge levels of the program instructor?

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