Six Sigma Certification Interview Questions

Six sigma certification interview questions are widely used to interview the eligible applicants, who are willing to earn a six sigma certification for professional growth. By reviewing the overall professional abilities and knowledge of initiating six sigma operations of all applicants, this certification is being awarded to the deserving candidates.

Sample Six Sigma Certification Interview Questions:

  • Tell us about your expertise as a six sigma applicant
  • Why do you require a six sigma certification?
  • Please let us know about your analytical skills and troubleshooting abilities.
  • What are the major job duties of a six sigma certified professional?
  • What are the six standards of six sigma certifications? Please explain the role of each in brief.
  • Do you think six sigma certification is a data driven approach used for eliminating issues for different transactional procedures?
  • How many reports have you prepared on different six sigma products and services during your practical sessions?
  • Discuss the different statically terms widely used in the six sigma certification procedures?
  • How can you measure the defects and modify them during production using six sigma approaches?
  • Do you have enough experience of handling manufacturing six sigma procedures?
  • Name the weekly and monthly project reports prepared by you. How do you upload and update the databases with routine records?
  • What stress management strategy would you follow for working under short deadlines and noisy environment after joining a firm?
  • Have you ever encountered with a failure of some important six sigma project during your practical sessions?
  • Do you think you are professionally ready to practice as a six sigma expert?

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