Software Architect Interview Questions

  1. What do you understand from the word Architecture? What is meant by software Architecture?
  2. What kind of Software Architecture have you designed till now? Can you explain with the help of commands and patterns?
  3. Which kind of design patterns have you used while building software architecture?
  4. Explain pattern? What is design pattern and factory pattern? Where can these be used?
  5. What is the use of builder pattern? Why it is so important in Software Architecture?
  6. What is shallow copy and deep copy in prototype pattern? Describe: singleton and command pattern?
  7. Numerate the advantages and disadvantages of composition and inheritance in Software Architecture?
  8. When do you use abstract class and what are the conditions to use interfaces?
  9. Explain the difference between object oriented, interface oriented and aspect oriented design and programming?
  10. In which case do you use interface oriented and aspect oriented designs?
  11. Which design pattern is most useful in Software Architecture?

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