Software Design Interview Questions

  1. What do you mean by designing software? What is your expertise in this area of programming?
  2. How software designing is different from Software Architecture? State with the help of an example?
  3. What is a Software Design Pattern? Why it is used? How this is helpful in case of any software problem?
  4. Explain different Software Designing Patterns? Why the study of patterns is so important?
  5. How do you document a design pattern? Describe the classifications?
  6. Explain the major patterns available which can do java APIs utilization?
  7. What are delegation patterns? How do you use these patterns? What is the method to extend class’s behaviour instead of using inheritance?
  8. Name the design patterns which can be used by SUN to do java programming?
  9. Explain the features of waterfall model? How is it different from other models? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this model?
  10. Describe “System Framework” layer? How is it important over other layers?

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