Software Developer Interview Questions

  1. Name the organization where you have worked as a Software Developer? How do you see your professionalism?
  2. Name the software you have developed during your industrial training and candidature?
  3. Can you maintain a good communication bridge with employees and management as well?
  4. Describe the responsibilities of a Software Developer towards work and management?
  5. How will you advice a customer looking for high quality and high performance?
  6. What are the different techniques, model and tools used for software development?
  7. What is tracing? How it is important in software development? Explain the difference between backward and forward tracing?
  8. What are the possible sources for you to find requirements and search their solutions?
  9. Explain the functional design with your point of view? What metaphors are used in functional designs and why?
  10. How do you measure the data correctness and can you guarantee perfection for the same?
  11. Describe coupling and high cohesion? Explain the principle of encapsulation?

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