Software Engineer Interview Questions

  1. Discuss your experience as a Software Engineer. Name the institutions from which you have scored your qualifications?
  2. Do you have some practical courses with higher academic qualifications? Explain how do your communication and experience contribute to the organization’s growth?
  3. How many software languages do you know? Have you built any software? If yes, then mention the name and name the tools you have used in them?
  4. How many books you have read on Software programming? Which book do you recommend to your subordinates to design a software and why?
  5. Name the software models and processes available and use generally to prepare software?
  6. Explain the different tools and programming languages being used in developing software?
  7. What is the role of software testing? Explain the different kind of tastings? Why these are so important?
  8. What is Model- View-Controller pattern? Where you can use this and why it is important?
  9. Explain counties integration and what is REST architecture pattern?
  10. How do you suggest suitable solution to specific problem?

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