Software Engineering Interview Questions

  1. What motivated you to be a Software Engineer?
  2. Tell us something about your experience till now? Where will you like to see yourself five years hence?
  3. From which institute you have completed your higher education? How many years of technical training you have got?
  4. Explain the technical designs used in preparation of a software? How many tools you have used in software designing?
  5. Name the different software processes? How will you recognize the software process during software building?
  6. What are the responsibilities of a customer, user and developer to run software?
  7. Explain the different types of prototyping in an application?
  8. How can you manage the conflicts in web application? What is the reason of this complexion?
  9. What are the different kinds of object oriented and component based designs available? Where do you use these designs? Explain each with an example?
  10. Are you comfortable to work in a team? Can you work with a person whom you do not know/like?

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