Software Manual Testing Interview Question

  1. Tell us something about your candidature as Software Testing Engineer?
  2. What is the difference between in validation and verification? Where these two terms use widely in software testing? Explain with the help of example?
  3. What is test lead? What is the responsibility of test lead?
  4. What is pesticide paradox and regression testing? What is the relation between the two?
  5. Describe the format of acceptance testing?
  6. Define Rad model? Explain the advantages and disadvantages of Rad Model? Where can we use this?
  7. Formation of use case document is prepared by developer or Software tester?
  8. Explain the steps to test software? How can you run software after testing?
  9. What is test case and test plan? What is the use of this?
  10. What is bug? What do you do when a bug is found in the programme? What will you do if the software is full of bugs and not able to test?
  11. What is configuration management? Why is it so important?

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