Software Manual Testing Interview Questions

  1. Mention a little about yourself? To which place do you belong to?
  2. From where have you completed your bachelors in Software Engineering? How do you see your experience over Software Manual Testing?
  3. Explain the different tools used in manual testing of software? Name the different processes associated with software manual testing?
  4. Differentiate between designing applications and coding applications? Explain the use of both types of applications?
  5. Explain the terms: Metric, Baseline, Indicator, Benchmark and Measure?
  6. What are DRIVERS and STUBS? How do you come across these two during manual testing of software?
  7. How can you divide the project units among your team? During software manual testing, how do you choose the tools to be used in testing process?
  8. Mention the qualities and skills required for a software tester?
  9. Are you satisfied with offered annual package and agree with company norms?
  10. When are you available to join our organization?

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