Software Quality Assurance Interview Questions

  1. What is your experience in Software Quality Assurance?
  2. What do you understand from the term testing? Why it is important in software quality assurance?
  3. Explain the difference between acceptance and accessibility testing?
  4. State AD HOC testing and Agile testing? What is the use of these testing methods? Which is better and why?
  5. What is basic block? Explain Application binary Interface and Application programming Interface?
  6. What is basic set and baseline? Explain the method of basic path testing?
  7. Discuss the five common problems encountered in software development process? Give the five common solutions to these problems?
  8. What is good code and good design? What can make a person a good software engineer?
  9. State the difference between load and stress testing? Explain with the help of an example?
  10. When do you use work flow testing? Why it plays an important role in software quality assurance?
  11. How do you decide the tools which work good with the existing systems?

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