Software Quality Interview Questions

  1. What is the meaning of Software Quality? How is it important to sell out specific software?
  2. How many years of experience do have you in this field?
  3. Are you aware about the documentation required for Software Quality?
  4. How would you coordinate with all Software Development departments regarding software quality? Which chain will you follow for this contact?
  5. If any problem is encountered during software quality check, how you will handle the problem? But if, some problem occurs to a customer after quality check, how would you justify yourself?
  6. Are you totally aware about the job profile?
  7. Explain the term QMS? How will you test middleware?
  8. Describe the vital requirements for software quality check? Explain the process for software check and characters of all processes?
  9. Explain the difference between Agile software communication and traditional software communication?
  10. State the process assessment?  Give the reason to develop a standard for process assessment?
  11. Which models and certifications are used for software quality check?

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