Spa Receptionist Interview Questions

Spa receptionist interview questions are programmed by the experts to screen the interested individual, who is willing to acquire this job designation. By recording the overall work experience of handling the diverse spa receptionist procedures, professional abilities and education level, the best candidate can be hired on this job position.

Sample Spa Receptionist Interview Questions:

  • Tell us about your candidature. How do you rate your overall work experience?
  • Talk about the major job functions of a spa receptionist?
  • As a spa receptionist, what kind of job duties and targets have you fulfilled in your previous spa association?
  • How do you rate your communicational skills in terms of reading and writing?
  • Do you have good knowledge of accessing the internet and working on a computer system?
  • How do you assist the new clients? Tell us your method of greeting the customers over the phone?
  • Discuss the various inventory report sheets you need to maintain for monthly and annual visitor records.
  • How do you book the appointments for internal and external customers?
  • Are you aware about the spa techniques and treatments to answer the queries of the customers?
  • How do you maintain the sanitation standards and take care of cleanness in the spa studio?
  • What technique do you follow to coordinate with the potential clients in case the studio is almost packed with appointments?
  • Which software do you use to prepare the bills?
  • How do you participate in organization’s profitability?
  • Are you comfortable in working with rotational shifts?
  • Tell us about your salary expectations and times of working?

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