SQL testing interview questions

SQL Testing Interview questions are asked to the eligible job applicants who appear for the SQL testing interview and seek to work on SQL projects in Software Testing Department. These SQL testing interview questions are used to evaluate the required skills, overall knowledge and technical experience of all candidates to appoint a deserving one.

Sample of SQL testing interview questions:

  • What is SQL? Discuss the role of SQL in preparing Software Projects?
  • Do you have any SQL certification? Tell us about your SQL experience.
  • Explain Outer Select and Subselect? Mention the advantages of both commands.
  • What is the major difference between Inner Select and Outer Select?
  • What do you understand by Group By and Order By? Differentiate between both with the help of an example.
  • Tell us about the beneficial applications of SQL. As per your experience, what are the limitations of SQL?
  • How Nested Select is different from Subselect in SQL?
  • In SQL, how do you find the maximum value of a row?
  • How do you find the maximum and minimum value of a table?
  • Explain the functioning of SQL SELECT statement.
  • What are the different built-in functions of SQL and what do you understand by SQL aggregates?
  • What is the use of SUBSTR in SQL?
  • Where do you use the EXPLAIN statement? What do you understand from referential integrity?
  • Explain Tuple. What is the basic difference between Dynamic SQL and Static SQL?
  • Tell us about common SQL codes. What do you understand by embedded SQL?

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