Standard Job Interview Questions

Question: You are Mr. Ravi.

Answer: Yes, sir. Good Morning, Sir.

Question: Good morning, please take your seat.

Answer: Thank You sir.

Question: Mr. Ravi, you are an engineer with an experience of two years.

Answer: That is right sir.

Question: You are working at a good company. Why do you want to change?

Answer: I am now at a trading firm. I am doing more administrative work than engineering work. Your company is into manufacturing. So, I want to change.

Question: So, you want to work in your core area.

Answer: Yes sir.

Question: In these two years, have you not got out of touch with your core subject?

Answer: No sir. I have kept myself in touch through journals and the Internet. I have also taken a diploma in factory management.

Question: That is good. But here, you will not have the time to spare for further education.

Answer: Work experience at your factory will itself be an education as you follow all the latest procedures.

Question: Based on your performance, we may sponsor you for some short term refresher courses abroad.

Answer: I hope to benefit from that.

Question: Can you work under pressure?

Answer: Yes, I can. In fact, pressure gets the best out of me.

Question: Five years down the line, where do you see yourself?

Answer: I will be wiser. I will have taken a couple of refresher courses. Professionally, I would be a much appreciated manager with several professionals reporting to me.

Question: If  you  are  given  Leadership  of something  new,  would  you  accept  it ?

This is a trap question. Many candidates, fresh as well as experienced, answer with a Yes.

Answer: No sir, I would not. If it was something new, first I would have to learn and absorb it. Only then I would consider taking up leadership.

Question: That is good. So many candidates are foolish and eagerly say, ‘Yes’. Now tell me, as a leader, would you compete with your group?

This is another standard trap question. Again, most candidates eagerly say, yes.

Answer: No sir, I will not.

Question: Why? Are you not the competitive kind?

Answer: As a leader of my group, I should assist in the overall performance of the entire group. I should co-operate with the members of my group, not compete with them. But, as a team, our group will compete with other groups in the right spirit.

Question: Can we contact your present employer for a reference?

Answer: Certainly. I have done well there. In fact, they know that I am here for this interview. I am on leave only for the morning. This afternoon, I am expected to assist my boss in some re-organization at my work place.

Question: What salary are you looking at?

Answer: Something in the range of 9 Lakh per annum.

Question: But you are drawing only 7.5 lakh in your present position.

Answer: I live and work in a semi-rural area. But, now I am moving over to an industrial city. My expenses will be higher. I have improved my qualification and my contribution to your organization will be considerable.

Question: Okay, then. Let us shake hands. I am certain we will be working together shortly.

Answer: The pleasure will be mine. Thank You.

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