Student Job Interview Questions

  1. You do not seem to have completed your studies yet. Why did to choose this job?
  2. How do you plan to complete your studies?
  3. We understand that you know this is not a fulltime work. How do you plan to achieve the work assigned to you?
  4. What pecuniary benefits do you expect?
  5. After you finish your studies, which job sector do you plan to join?
  6. What do you know about the different work slots normally being allotted by an employer?
  7. What do you know about working under a team leader?
  8. Do you think working within targets and deadlines improves the efficiency of an employee?
  9. According to you, what will be the motivating factor to conclude that this is an idle job for you?
  10. What are the essential elements that you generally look forward to in a job?
  11. What are your short term and long term objectives? How do you plan to achieve them?

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