Surveyor Interview Questions

Surveyor interview questions are officially designed by the professionals in order to interview the job applicants who wish to work as a surveyor. Surveyor interview questions are asked to the eligible job candidates to judge their professional knowledge & skills, professional abilities and job experience to appoint the deserving candidate as a surveyor.

Sample of Surveyor Interview Questions:

  • Please tell us something about your work experience as a surveyor.
  • Mention something about your professional contribution in the planning and development departments of your previous employer firm.
  • What are the primary job concerns of a surveyor?
  • Tell us about any three basic principles to be followed by a professional surveyor for performing traversing, levelling and land surveys.
  • What is the difference between topographic surveys and horizontal control surveys?
  • What do you understand from state plane coordinate survey?
  • Are you familiar with global positioning system and geographical & land information system? If yes, then tell us where do you use these two different systems?
  • Do you have knowledge of preparing inventory?
  • Can you purchase field equipments by using your negotiation skills?
  • How do you rate your decision making and problem solving abilities?
  • What do you understand from plan reading and preparation? Discuss your involvement in these two procedures?
  • How does ‘audit” play a vital role in maintaining and updating essential project reports? Discuss your role as a surveyor in this audit procedure?
  • We have highly experienced job candidates for this interview session. Why should we appoint you as a surveyor
  • When are you officially available to join us as a surveyor?

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