S/W Quality Assurance Certification Interview Questions

S/W Quality Assurance certification interview questions are the questions asked to an individual or an organization that is appearing for an interview in order to get certification for the quality of certain software. This interview is usually taken by individuals or an organization who have developed a software and needs to assure the quality. The questions asked in this interview help to analyze the issues of the software and the focus of development of the software.

Sample S/W Quality Assurance certification interview questions

  1. How would you define accessibility testing?
  2. How would you define basis path testing?
  3. According to you, what is agile testing?
  4. How would you define acceptance testing?
  5. What is an integration strategy? Name few elements of integration strategy.
  6. Do you think that taking partial measurement of test thoroughness is a type of coverage measurement?
  7. Do you think it is appropriate to start software testing as soon as the code is written or it is better to start when the software is in the process of development life cycle?
  8. How would you define a black box design technique?
  9. According to you what could be the reasons for testing software before its release?
  10. What is a non functional test? Give an example of a non functional test?
  11. What are different reasons for faults?
  12. How would you detect a memory leak?
  13. Do you think that testing of performance can be done during unit testing?
  14. What is a test design technique?
  15. How would you increase the quality of software?

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