Technical Finance Interview Questions

  1. Walk us through your resume?
  2. How do you rate your knowledge over Technical Finance? Have you ever worked with any multinational company in technical Finance department?
  3. Name the institution from where you have scored your higher qualification in Technical Finance?
  4. How do you maintain the balance sheet? What are the different ways to calculate cash flows?
  5. How a company can repurchases its stocks? Explain the financial terms involve in a bond?
  6. Can you tell us about the rate of interest expenses and interest income? What does cash interns in the market?
  7. What do you understand from Capital IQ?
  8. Describe EBIT? What is its role in technical finance?
  9. Which tools do you use to calculate investments of the company at the year’s end? Why an investment is taken out to reduce the chances of risk from other investment?
  10. Differentiate between service tax and banking cash transaction tax? What is the method to calculate both taxes?

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    This information very use for financial interview

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