Technical Writing Interview Question

  1. Please talk us through your resume highlighting your educational background?
  2. What is your motivation to join the field of technical writing?
  3. Do you have a computer at home? Can you briefly describe about the assembly and components of your computer?
  4. Have you ever created a user manual? What were the problems you faced with creation?
  5. Can you briefly describe the various parts of a technical article?
  6. What is your word speed and how many words can you churn out in a day?
  7. How can you contribute as a team player and what are your positive traits that will influence your colleagues?
  8. Do you feel you need to learn some more things in this field? How do you go about updating your knowledge?
  9. What are your salary expectations with us and is the expectation negotiable?
  10. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

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