Telephone Interview Questions for Employers

  1. Please let me know about the qualifications required for this job? Is there any specialization required?
  2. Why this position is vacant for so long? Has someone left the position?
  3. What is the job responsibilities associated with job? Which are the concerned departments to deal with?
  4. Could you please tell me about the work culture in your organization?
  5. What is casual leave and medical leave system in your company? Are there any medical benefits offered for this post?
  6. Do I need to travel a lot for this job? Will the company pay me the travel expenses as well?
  7. How much salary have you offered for this vacant post?
  8. What will be the working hours? Is there any overtime required to meet targets?
  9. When will the interview session be conducted for this vacant post?
  10. What is the career growth in terms of money and promotion?
  11. Will there be any training provided after selection?
  12. Is this job an individual effort or team work?

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