Telephone Interview Questions

Telephone interview questions are generally asked by human resource personnel, third-party recruiters or hiring managers.  These are usually the first steps in the screening process.  Telephone interviews are preferred because of the convenience they offer especially when the geographical location of the employer and prospective employee are distanced from each other.

Many telephone interview questions are general in nature and may include questions related to your CV.  So, while attending a telephone interview keep your CV handy, as you may need to clarify or elaborate on certain points in it.  Telephone interviews may not necessarily include many technical questions as these may be saved for the next round of interviews.

Preparation is the key to success for any interview, and telephone interview questions are no exception.  Basic telephone manner and etiquettes are a must.  Answer politely, calmly and firmly.  Make sure your responses are audible and clear to the interviewer.

Telephone interviews give you an opportunity to have some key notes ready, and you can refer to them, after you have prepared answers to some typical telephone interview questions.  It is best not to read out from them, but use them as props to give structured responses to the questions.

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