Telephone Job Interview Questions

  1. Where are you working currently?
  2. State the reason behind your resignation?
  3. How many years experience do you have till date?
  4. What appeals you the most to join this field?
  5. Have you scored any technical diploma or course?
  6. Which palace do you belong to? What are your qualifications?
  7. What are your hobbies?
  8. Give your views about recession? Is Global Warming really harming mother earth?
  9. Which is your favourite subject to read books?
  10. Do you have any knowledge of our company norms, terms and conditions?
  11. It is an interstate job for you? How will you manage everything? Why do you think that you are fit for this job?
  12. Tell something about your communication skills?
  13. Discuss your point of view regarding your job? How do you see yourself in this profession?
  14. If you are the employer which all qualities do you see in an applicant to hire him/ her?
  15. When can you join us?
  16. What is your current salary?

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