Test Case Interview Questions

  1. Talk us through your resume and back ground?
  2. From which institutions have you completed your technical qualification? Do you have any knowledge over Test Cases?
  3. Why should we hire you when we have received applications from more experienced candidates?
  4. What do you understand by a test case? Explain the steps to write a test case?
  5. How do you write a test case for a window and pen? Which method do you use to write both test cases?
  6. Why test case for an ATM is important from security point of view? How is it different from a test case of mobile?
  7. Which method do you follow to test the test case and do you make sure that written test case has covered all the required aspects?
  8. How do you calculate defect leakage ration? When does it take place?
  9. If you are selected when can you join us?
  10. Do you agree with offered perks and salary?

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