Testing Interview Questions for Fresher’s

  1. Tell us something about yourself?
  2. Why have you chosen testing field in IT sector? How come this field is different from others?
  3. What are your educational qualifications? Name the organization from where you have completed your internship?
  4. Why are you interested to join our company?
  5. What do you understand by testing? Explain different types of testing available in IT sector to test software, languages and WebPages?
  6. Differentiate between performance testing and acceptance testing? Where do you use these testing techniques?
  7. Is accessibility used to test supportive technology devices? How do you test a blind product? Explain in steps?
  8. Explain Application Binary Interface? Discuss how it is different from application programming interface?
  9. What is basic block? Describe automation testing? Which software testing tools do you use for automotive testing?
  10. Differentiate basic path and basic block?
  11. Do you want to ask any questions?
  12. When would you like to join us?

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  1. eshatyagi says:

    this site is so far becoz many jobs ar avilable

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